Cradle Is Casket – Self Titled MP3


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1. The Miner’s Son
2. Blood and Ether
3. To Carry the Hand of God
4. The Mainline
5. To Reach the Shores
6. These Such Things
7. Agitation of Laced Powders

Format: MP3 Download 320kps
Total Playing time: 25:08



Cradle is Casket – Self Titled – DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Cradle Is Casket’s self titled debut delivers seven slabs of downtuned, four-chord sonic devastation.

With a unique blend of hardcore punk, Am-Rep style noise rock and riff heavy doom, the songs dynamically shift from a screaming PCP induced psychosis to the crawl of a monolithic monster on its last legs.

Somehow, CIC have successfully created a direct reflection of Charm City’s mean streets with their stripped-down, bare-boned, unrelenting approach.


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