Endwell – Consequences CD


  1. “Consequences”
  2. “Weed Out the Weak”
  3. “Such Great Depths” (Feat. Carl Schwartz of First Blood)
  4. “Promises Wept”
  5. “Mike Tyson”
  6. “The Bridge (Blues Man's Cross Roads)”
  7. “Avoidant (Ghost Will Haunt)”
  8. “John Doe”
  9. “Whatever Distance (Fear Prudence)”
  10. “Welcome Inferno (Wrathful and Sullen)”
  11. “Glaciers (10/21/03)”
  12. “Rise and Fail (The Lesser Key of Solomon)”
  13. “Living Through Losses (2/30/01)”
  14. “As Low as a Life Can Get (Jumping the Shark)”
  15. “Encounters at the End of the World (Stars)” (Feat. Jonathan Vigil of The Ghost Inside)

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The sticker on the cover says “For fans of CIRCLE PITS, STAGE DIVES and BEATDOWNS”.  Are you tough enough?
This CD is a punch-out.

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