LAYR – Hidden Realm CDr Lost Grave #13.02


1. Procession of the High Council
2. Battle Throne
3. Harem Chamber
4. Hollow Be Thy Name
5. Omens
6. Serpentine Master
7. Immured
8. Towering Shadow
9. Behind the Mask
10. Conquerer

bonus tracks:

11. Towers
12. Crone

Lost Grave #13.02

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LAYR’s first full length “Hidden Realm” treads forward on the dark paths carved on the split releases with Necroparthenophagy and Night. The drums of war echo throughout “Hidden Realms” but there is no praise of heroes or celebration of victory here. The bleak horrors of war, the dread and the doom that follows it, the false promises of those who lead, all creep like shadows through sheets of metallic guitars, black ambience, and tortured screams. 10 songs on the album proper, plus 2 bonus demo tracks. (features Timothy from Stone Breath / Albatwitch on one track)

A limited edition of 50. Special black-on-black handmade covers with printed insert.

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