LAYR – multi-pack (Hidden Realm, Necroparthenophagy split, Night split)


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This package contains all three of LAYR’s releases for one low price:

#1: “Hidden Realm” CDr

LAYR’s first full length “Hidden Realm” treads forward on the dark paths carved on the split releases with Necroparthenophagy and Night. The drums of war echo throughout “Hidden Realms” but there is no praise of heroes or celebration of victory here. The bleak horrors of war, the dread and the doom that follows it, the false promises of those who lead, all creep like shadows through sheets of metallic guitars, black ambience, and tortured screams. 10 songs on the album proper, plus 2 bonus demo tracks. (features Timothy from Stone Breath / Albatwitch on one track)

A limited edition of 50. Special black-on-black handmade covers with printed insert.


#2: NIGHT/LAYR split CDr

Eleventh Key presents this split release of exploratory sonics. Coming out of York PA’s flourishing experimental music scene, both NIGHT and LAYR push their sounds through hazy darkness; each following a different path.

NIGHT continues the unique blend of instrumental sounds we’ve heard on their previous releases: from metallic riffs to post-rock introspection – along with improvised experimental segments which turn traditional rock instrumentation on its head and serve to bridge their songs.

LAYR’s unique blend of black doom & noise follows. Bleak and tortured sounds summoned from the ancient dead; war drums and screams from haunted battlefields – captured in LAYR’s dense and bloodstained tracks. Behold!

5 songs (2 from NIGHT, 3 from LAYR), 39 minutes.
Professionally printed and packaged CDr.


#3: Necroparthenophagy/Layr Split 3″ CDr

This split 3inch ltd edition CD-R joins two black souls in unholy debauchery.

Necroparthenophagy’s Coronzon departs from the structured songs of his full length, LAIAD CHIS ANANAEL, to create a black doom noise incantation to Lulo, the Mother of Vinegar. Ghastly howls chant in Enochian over pulsing, hypnotic negativity.

Layr creates a commanding, foreboding presence of extreme blackened doom from cavernous depths of despair. Feedback and noise converge with slow, agonizing beats and bottom heavy suffering.

You are purchasing a 3″ CD-R sealed in a heavy poly bag with two separate sets of artwork by Rebecca Zimmerman ( in semi-gloss black & white on heavy stock. Only 50 pressed of each cover. Comes with an Eleventh Key Sticker.

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